Sunday, May 31, 2009

walkin' the dog

Well, actually, this pooch is riding in style.
I've never ridden in a hansom cab myself,
and probably won't.  Must admit that I can't
stand seeing these horses out here if the
weather's very hot or cold—but it does seem
as though that happens less these days.


  1. Pooch does look quite happy with his lot. And any hair he leaves behind should blend nicely with the upholstery! I've always worried about whether these horses enjoy dragging carriages around parks and city streets. I hope so.

  2. Funny caption.

    Shell - Spoken like a true pet owner.

    This photo, which seems to be from another day and time, made me wonder if the person to the left of Bare Arms and across from old Rufus is wearing a pink cape, pink shorts, blouse to match, and knee-high white boots.

    The dog seems attentive. Could it possibly be watching the elephant jump the fence?

  3. aww! he looks like he's really enjoying it too.

  4. Oh yeah, Rufus—that guy could work a cape better than Superman!

  5. Same here -- never been on the horse drawn carriage and probably won't any time soon. I hear it isn't cheap either.


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