Friday, May 15, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Am headed to Virginia tomorrow for
the weekend (took this from the plane
on another trip to VA).  I'm always glad
when I get on the plane and discover
that a) it's a prop plane and b) my seat
is right here, where I can keep an eye
on things. I have a bit of a love/hate
thing for flying. How about you?
[P.S.—have posted ahead and may or
may not be able to comment.] Enjoy
the weekend.


  1. My son finds it incredible I took Icelandic Air (prop) from NYC to Iceland to Luxembourg in the early 70's. Actually, nowadays I do too! I have a similar shot more recently from a prop plane to Greece. Enjoy your trip!

  2. What a wonderful capture, hope you had a great time. Thanks for sharing

  3. Alexa, you and Bibi are brave in my eyes! I was in a light aircraft once and when the pilot said, "Tell me if you see any planes we need to watch out for," I laughed. He said, "I'm serious." Kind of took the fun out of it for me.

    Have a gorgeous time, Alexa! It's a great photo.

  4. This reminds me of the very little plane I once took between Jersey and Guernesey. The first thing the pilot asked me was my weight ! I had imagined that English gentlemen were more educated than that !!!
    He claimed it was just to distribute the weights on the plane, let me tell you that I never fully beleived him !

  5. ..."where I can keep an eye on things" That is too funny Alexa.
    great skywatch.
    I'm with you re your B& H post.

  6. Shell: that is a funny, scary story! I once sat in the cockpit of a private jet as it landed. The pilots knew I had a fear of flying and were trying to put those fears at bay and the feeling of control made it an exciting landing.

  7. bibi -- those were the days!

    Shell -- After that, I would have spent the whole flight frantically looking for other planes to warn the pilot about—yikes!

    Marylene -- Had a similar experience on a commuter flight from Boston to the island of Nantucket—but I did get to sit in the co-pilot's seat (like from cali)!

    from cali -- I also got to "fly" a commercial jet (with passengers aboard). It's a long story, but the pilot sat me in his seat & leaned over from behind me with his hands over mine and "we" took off from Bombay, landed in Kuwait, took off from Kuwait, and landed in Cairo! Woo-hoo! (At that point in my life I had only a love-love relationship with flying.)


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