Friday, May 22, 2009

skywatch Friday

Took this while riding home from the
airport this week.  The cabbie offered
to pull off the road so I could get the
picture—but what's the challenge in that?


  1. iejdf[8e ncp9B D 783R [dmi giqw789n cm vc,.

    Oh, sorry about that. My jaw dropped so far it hit the keyboard.

    Hephaestus at work in his forge. And after some thousands of years it looks, here at this moment, like he’s about got it right. Well, at least you do, Alexa.

  2. I must be "d'humeur moqueuse" this morning.
    My first thought was :
    "What a nice postcard Alexa is showing us today, maybe she was in a hurry to post !!!"
    And the second one :
    " Pollution can do great things!!"
    Sorry for my twisted mind today !!

  3. WOW Those were the fourth fingers of each hand doing a happy dance! {I'm counting my thumbs as No.1 in my numbering system, of course, as all pianists do.}

    Beautiful, Alexa! {And although silhouetted, of course I must say, "PTDDs! PTDDs! PTDDs!" Ahhhhh. {I'm sure you're feeling chirpier by now, Marylène?}

  4. Love the golden colors and the silhouette of the Empire state building, awesome photo.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  5. This is a stunningly beautiful photo, Alexa, and I agree that it's enhanced by the fact that you caught it without having to pull over.

  6. Fab silhouettes of the buildings. Makes a great sunset shot.

  7. Glad you all like it!
    TG --I knew I could count on you for both humor AND erudition.
    Marylene -- you're right, it's all about pollution!
    Shell -- for you, I'm becoming hyper-aware of PTDDs.

  8. I love this picture, Alexa....beautiful


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