Wednesday, May 20, 2009

abc Wednesday — R is for "Rockaway"

The western end of this peninsula is a nice
place to live (if a bit of a commute from
Manhattan and definitely lacking in
diversity), and the eastern end has become
kinda sad in recent years.
The beach is great.


  1. It is a geat picture !
    I always loved views taken from a plane !
    I have to confess that I was 23 when I first took a plane, my first self-paid vacation during my first year of work. I went to the South of Italy, on a bright and sunny day, and we flew over the Alps !!! I still remember ( quite a longgggg time after !) the gorgeous view, the snow on the tops of the mountains, at that time, I wished it would never end.

  2. What I find most impressive about this photo is that it was apparently taken from the space shuttle with the edge of the Earth at the top giving way to the darkness of outer space.

    When you fly out of town, Alexa, you do it in style!

    I found a couple things at YouTube. One is informative. The other is a bit on the head-banging side. Were the Ramones ever otherwise?

    Looks like Joey is gonna be rockin’ away in New Jersey for awhile.

    And Johnny’s gonna be in Hollywood Forever forever.

    I don’t believe either of them had the slightest dusting of iron oxide anywhere near them.

    Southern Italy, Marylène! What did you do? What did you see? What wines did you drink?

  3. I love the new things I learn here, Alexa!

    That's an interesting little video, TG. And those boys were definitely a case of wearing out, not rusting out.

    Marylène, sounds idyllic!

  4. Marylene -- I remember flying from Paris to Malaga many (almost 40!) years ago, and the pilot took us right over Mont Blanc so we could see it from above. On my way home on Monday, we flew right past my apartment building—I was just able to look out the window and see some of my neighbors out front!

    Hey, Prez Linkin' -- you've outdone yourself today! Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've had any thought of the Ramones?
    As Shell says, they definitely wore out.

  5. Oh, a picture taken from a plane! Lovely!

    It looks beautiful from the air, even if the eastern end is 'sad'.


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