Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rule of (green) thumb

If you're going to plant some flowers
(like these gorgeous grape hyacinths,
for example) don't hold back—go
ahead and plant thousands of them!


  1. Hey, this shot is parfait. At present, I am at work on a tame veggie/French herb garden. I am Mr Rototiller and my back is feeling the pain (and I'm not talking French bread here). Just finished planting flowers yesterday around the maple and in pots (ran out of 'em and will have to go back to the local nursery soon). Maybe hyacinth for next year...these are spanking gorgeous! Hope you're having a superb start to a glorious week Alexa. If only we were in Paris in a couple days, eh? Well, there's always hope for the future. ;-) Be well.

  2. Hey, Coltrane, both gardeners ! I do know exactly how you feel (my back does too) !!
    I am eagerly waiting for the "saints de glace", that turns to "saints de pluie" this year, to be over to put in my garden all the plants I have been devoutly nursing in my greenhouse for weeks, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cabbage, herbs....
    As for the flowerbeds, being a little lazy, I turned to perrenials and bulbs years ago, easier and cheaper !
    But, you're right Alexa, flowers are never too many.

  3. Forgot to say, I don't Twitter, nor have a Blackberry but I'll try to take as many pictures as possible at the picnic, then I'll find a way to share them with you...

  4. I can almost smell them from here, Alexa! I adore them. I'm in awe of Coltrane and Marylène in their gardens - I'm more used to pot plants. {As in terracotta!} But if I'm going to get some bulbs going, I'd better get my posterior into gear. I should have them in the crisper compartment by now to chill them out in preparation.

    So yes, Alexa ... if only we were in Paris in a couple of days - oh, and where is TG today??? Too busy packing a little carry-on valise?

  5. Oh, Marylène, just read your last comment. So you are going ~ how wonderful! Hopefully you can find a way to show them to us.

  6. Shell Sherree, I live 50 kms south of Paris so I have no excuse.
    But still, I have one little problem :
    I have to overcome my huge complex of being one "over 50 rural overweight housewife" having to face all those active, self confident, thin and fashionable girls, like the Parisians (part I and II) to attend the picnic !!!

  7. We used to call these bluebells when I was little. Actually, I still do. I love them.

  8. Marylène, you're a gorgeous, kind lady with wisdom and laughs to share. You have nothing to fear!

  9. I have to believe someday we will all be in Paris together celebrating with the other PDP fans. Maybe next year eh?
    I love these flowers too. Very nice Alexa.

  10. Thanks, guys, for all your comments!
    Marylene and Coltrane -- I envy you your gardens, but have no land and an extremely black thumb, so leave it to you—I'll just use the BBG as my backyard.
    Bibi -- I believe bluebells are a similar but slightly different flower.
    To you all -- here's to meeting up, all of us, in Paris one day! Meanwhile, we are counting on your report, Marylene (I reiterate what Shell said, and have a terrific time!).

  11. Shell Sherree, thank you for your compliment, glad you can't see me, I blush so easily !!
    Sorry to disappoint you and Alexa but I won't attend the "picnic" !
    My shyness overcame. It was already hard enough to imagine myself on the Seine bank among all those persons but inside a pub, it is too much for me. I have never been a "big parties" person, I fell more confortable with smaller groups, I think one of the reason is that I have earing problems : too many voices and too much noise and my ears "disjonctent" (blow a fuse ??)
    It seems there is an Internet connection so you'll get better information live !!


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