Tuesday, May 26, 2009

public safety

Not exactly sure what this officer's function
is supposed to be, but I'm not too impressed.
I mean, come on!  She couldn't even catch 
these blatant jay-walkers!


  1. Public or private safety firm ? Private I presume.
    Honestly, they didn't dare to use the word security, instead of safety !
    Once again, thank to you, Alexa, I learned something more about life in NYC : there are still old ladies who need help to cross the streets, that's basically her job, isn't it ?

  2. I wouldn't even think a policeman/woman would have to have a sign on that reads 'Public safety'! I mean, isn't it obvious? I like the phantom leg appearing on her left side!

  3. A-Ha! She let the jaywalkers slide because she's on her way to have words with your bare-chested window washer, Alexa. I knew there had to be a fluoro yellow safety vest lurking somewhere nearby.

  4. That couldn’t be the same one as here, could it? The vest may be a different color but the job looks the same.

    The one that is on her way to address what appears to be a veritable epidemic of ecdysiastic flaunting of public shirt morals?

  5. Seriously, TG, I don't know how you do it!

  6. Marylene -- they are part of the NY Police Dept., but I don't think they carry guns. I see them mostly around areas where there are a lot of tourists—the ones in Times Square are always nice about answering visitors' questions and giving directions. (Wish I had more info.)

    bibi -- good point!

    Shell -- LOL!

    TG -- yes, how DO you do that? That is the very same spot, but taken when they had that block closed off for repairs after the steam pipe explosion a couple of years ago.
    Even more amazing, that is in fact the very same public safety officer, but SO off duty.


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