Thursday, May 14, 2009

I could drop some bucks here

If I had it to spend, I wouldn't head
for Tiffany or Saks Fifth Avenue.  
I'd go here to B and H, the huge camera 
(and more!) store at 9th Ave. and 34th St.
Just got their catalog in the mail and
it's about the size of my Yellow Pages.


  1. Didn’t you feel self conscious, Alexa, brazenly holding a camera up in such a crowded place and just clicking away? Talk about the veritable sore thumb.

  2. Thank you, girls, for your kind words and your understanding.
    If you had been there, no doubt I would have attended the picnic with pleasure, since I do feel I already know you !
    Tall Gary, now that I know your "little" problem, I'll certainly bring one pillow from home !!
    As for today's post, I've been to their website and, for sure, that's a place I won't take my "Geek" husband to on our next visit to NYC, unless the Euro doubles its value again the Dollar !!!

  3. Oh. Marylène, a pillow would be so kind. But perhaps I wouldn’t need it at all if I had the comfort of someone’s kind shoulder upon which to rest my spinning head.

    Anyway, we will see next year.

  4. I've bought from B and H. In fact, I think my current camera came from there. But once when I bought a lens, they promised a leather pouch to go with it that turned out to be 'out of stock.' Despite many emails from my part, no I am kind of soured on them. But I think I will stay out of large photo stores in general; too tempting! (Is it significant that I have to type in 'goons' as the word verification?!!)

  5. I guess they thought Alexa was just test driving the merchandise.

    TG, you would have a queue of people happy to provide a shoulder for you in addition to Marylène's pillow.

    LOL, Bibi!

  6. TG, I'd be happy to "provide" a shoulder but, with our size difference (a "petit 1 mètre 60" for me, never managed to remember how to convert in feet....) I am not convinced it would be more comfortable than a soft, thick pillow carefully set on the floor !!!

  7. TG -- very funny. I know you're kidding, but in fact, yes I do and I'm trying to get over it!

    Marylene -- la prochaine fois, alors. You are the same height as Shell and me! You may have to join Tall Gary's harem. There's an exact height requirement, and that's it -- 5'2". (Perhaps if we stood on top of each other, like a totem pole, maybe that would equal one person tall enough for TG to lean on.)

  8. Marylene: I too understand your shyness. I am trying not to let mine get in the way, but notice I won't even comment with my real name!
    Ha, ha! I am too short for TG's harem. Barely 5'. Us shorties stick together don't we?
    I have never heard of this store. Always something new to learn on blogs.

  9. It's uncanny, isn't it?!

    from cali, I'm sure there's no lower limit. You're in!

    So, should we all get matching harem pants, or go for a different colour for each of us?

  10. We should all have different colors as we are unique! LOL. I want violet harem pants!

  11. No surprise there, from cali! ;) I shall break from my traditional black and choose pale pink with charcoal coloured tassels. {I'm fond of that combo at the moment!}

  12. Absolutely -- no lower limit—welcome to TG's harem, from cali!
    Shell -- I'll take the black harem pants then (here in NYC it's the only color you can get).

  13. Oh, we look very fetching! Now we need Marylène to pop back and choose her colour, and we're good to go.

    {I'm glad you found an internet connection, Alexa.}


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