Saturday, May 16, 2009

lunch "break"

These guys were entertaining the lunchtime
crowd hanging out on the steps of the
 library one day this past week.
I hope they made a few bucks, because 
they were giving it their all!


  1. I still couldn’t mimic that if you rotated the image 90º to the right—his left leg is higher than I could possibly manage, even leaning against a concrete wall, as it were.

    If I were to so much as attempt what he is doing my skeleton would clearly understand why they call it break dancing.

    What a great capture.

    Hand(s) down, the guy and his photographer jointly (pun intended) win today’s prize for talented exuberance.

  2. Saw one of these guys here the other day who held an impossible pose for several seconds, but still not enough time for me to snap a photo. I always think of break dancing as passe, but I guess it isn't.

  3. Me too, Gary, me too! Perhaps if I spent more time at the yoga studio, which is right across the street from this spot . . .

    bibi -- not yet passé here, anyway.

  4. Wow! I'll bet he has a strong handshake.

  5. Speaking of Yoga, I have recently started to dabble at the very beginnings of a tentative practice. Good stuff, huh?


    Shell, using only thumb and forefinger this guy peels walnuts like they were tangerines.


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