Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's all happenin' at the zoo

I believe I told you a while back that there
would be polar bears and monkeys. Wouldn't
want to break such a promise, so I made a
little visit to the Central Park Zoo.
The bear is Aida—she's 22 years old (the
keeper told me that polar bears live about
15 years in the wild, but more like 25 in
captivity) and she weighs 500 pounds.

And these are snow monkeys; the little one
was being a real pest, so one of the adults
finally turned around and told him to get
lost (in so many words).


  1. You do like your Paul Simon (with the occasional Garfunkel), don’t you, Alexa?

    Aida looks refreshed lounging in that cool water. But is she craving a change of diet? Some ambulating feast on the other side of that glass?

    I like the colors – the rust-red bricks and liquid turquoise.

    The monkeys look like they have been taking a dip too. Warm weather there, huh?

    The little monkey should be done with his shines for the moment. He got nailed. “Don“t flick my funny bone!”

  2. Aida does look like something's caught her eye. Maybe she's wondering what that little monkey in the nearby enclosure would be like as an appetiser... when he's finished monkeying around, that is.

    Thank you, Alexa! Very cute, all of them. I still find it hard to believe polar bears are so ferocious.

  3. These are great pictures, the bear!

  4. Is that a ball behind Aida? I once saw a polar bear in the Tacoma Zoo play with a huge, red rubber ball for over a half an hour before I moved on.

    And yes, as a mother, I can sympathize with the mommy monkey.

  5. TG -- I thought of adding a link myself, but figured that if I didn't you might—and yours is way better than mine would have been, I'm sure!

    Shell -- hard to tell in the photo, but there were a lot of people here checking out the bear. And the bear was definitely checking us out too!

    bibi -- yes, she had the ball in front of her for a while, almost as though she was asking someone to play with her. (There is another bear, a male named Gus, but he'd already gone in for the night.)


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