Sunday, May 24, 2009

friends in high places

Found this friendly window washer hanging
around the 32nd floor of the Hearst Bldg.,
where I used to work (think I've mentioned:
don't miss the job, do miss the view).

He'd better get busy, though—that's 
a lot of glass to keep clean!


  1. I can see why you like the view, he-he...
    Your last skywatch photo is the prettiest bestest one I have ever seen. I LOVE it!

  2. Hm, shirtless, eh? Workplace health and safety might not appreciate the view as much as Alexa did. :) It does look like he appreciates your attentions.

  3. Nice view ! But what a job ! Climbing so high, always outside, facing the weather, rain, wind, sun and heat .... it is almost like being a sailor.... a romance at each port ...sorry... at each floor !

  4. It does look like this guy has been moonlighting by printing T-shirts.

    Bravo, Marylène! Did someone lead me to believe that you are not a native English speaker with a formidable sense of humor? Hah! My head is bowed low in obeisance.

  5. Hey, Marylene -- LOL! (And what TG said)

    This guy was almost always shirtless, but he may have had an excuse this day. You can see the temperature on a building right next to his left hand—it was 88°F.

  6. Fact is, TG, that I've had a great great teacher !!
    First hot day here, 28°C (18°C yesterday morning), I wish I could go shirtless too !!!


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