Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is Prospect Park early in the morning,
before the fog has lifted—my favorite time
of day here.  I also love it because before
9 a.m. dogs are allowed off their leash
and have the run of the mead (the huge
meadow that makes up the center of the park).  
The pups look like they're having
so much fun—running around, greeting
their friends—it almost makes me want
to have a dog (almost!).


  1. I “Ooohed,” and “Aaahed” when I saw this. Love the way the composition is balanced by the branches at top left.

    This is one of those great photos where the viewer can feel as if they are right there. A mist-muffled quietude nestled within a nearly dripping coolness. And did I say, “Woof!”?

    I would love to step into this photo, yet there are a few things I don’t want to step into. “Woof!”

  2. Beautifully described, TG! This feels like it could have been taken in the middle of a lush countryside somewhere, Alexa. I double checked to make sure I was definitely on your blog. {Really!}

    Speaking of not stepping into things, I was rather poopy the other day when a neighbour didn't clean up Médor's indiscretions from the lawn outside our front fence.

  3. Wow, thanks. It was worth getting up at o'dark thirty to see the park like this. And not to worry—the pooper scooper law applies here too, and Brooklyn dog owners are ever at the ready with their plastic baggies!

  4. Did you say, “getting up” and not stumbling home from yet another Lone Sharks gig drunk on your fufu and mistaking the park entrance for that of your apartment building?

    It’s just that it wasn’t so long ago you were taking misapprehended photos, at 2:30 A.M., of, was it the national debt; local time; or the number of shoes Ivanka Trump has in one wing of her her walk-in closet?

    How do you do it?

    However you do it, we are thankful.

  5. TG -- I'm just testing out the theory that as you get older you need less sleep (by the time I'm 80, I should be getting by on half an hour shut-eye per night).
    My mom used to be friends with Nancy Davis (before she was Mrs. Reagan), and she told me that Nancy had more shoes than Imelda Marcos!

  6. I am late but I love the photo you uploaded yesterday. Wonderful.


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    Trujillo Daily Photo


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