Wednesday, May 27, 2009

abc Wednesday — S is for "sun, surf, and sand"

This is Emerald Isle, North Carolina, 
gorgeous spot at any time—even during
hurricane season, and we got slammed
about two days after I took this picture.
Still, it sure was nice while it lasted.


  1. Marvelous shot, gorgeous place! What great S words! I do love the beach!

  2. brilliant capture!
    superb when enlarged!!

    Greetings from the ABC Team!

  3. Pictures like this make me think twice about what sort of life we live... so busy...

  4. And ... seagulls. {I'll say it for you, as I'm guessing you wanted to include them but the rule of threes prevailed!}

    After our recent flooding and gales, our poor beaches look like your 'after the storm' shot might have looked.

  5. Oh, wow, that's beautiful. The cloud looks like a giant, frothy wave.

  6. Nice shot. That cloud looks like a meringue.

  7. I'll resist to give Brigitte Bardot's personal version of the three S, it is too easy !
    Still I could add :
    sky, shades, the surge of the sea.... and selfish of you to show us something so great and so far.....
    Just for fun, the word verification : soute.

  8. Seagulls! Made me want one of these. Until I saw how little fun Rod Taylor had with his.

  9. Glad you all liked it.
    Yes, of course, seagulls as well (but you were right about the rule of three, Shell).
    And speaking of selfish (sorry about that, Marylene), there are probably shellfish in this photo too—though not visible.
    TG -- now there's a toy I never would have bought for my bird-phobic daughter! Every time I think of that movie, I get the tag line in my head: The Birds is coming!

  10. Absolutely fascinating cloud formation and beautiful surf and sea.

  11. It looks beautiful!
    I love the ocean too!


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