Saturday, May 30, 2009

up on the roof

Any evening after work, they can just grab
a couple of beers and some folding chairs and
chill up on the roof (aka tar beach).
Who needs a backyard anyway?


  1. Love that song. Thank you, Alexa. I played that at a castle-rebuilding-crew party not too far from Avignon. I’m holding an unopened bottle of the following as I look for this label. The castle is way up on top of the hill but we passed by, on foot, the vineyard every day, coming and going. But you’ve got me. I’ve already eaten, so some Vin Santo would really make it as dessert.

    Hey, look where those wires go. I’ll bet he can’t wait to rip that shirt off and dive into a beer himself.

  2. Those splashes of blue are really lovely! Though if I had to choose, I wouldn't say no to a splash or two from TG's cellar.

  3. I liked enlarging this pic and being able to spy them up close.
    if they only knew their celebrity status in the daily photo blogger world!

  4. That little video is ancient and looks it—but it had to be the Drifters (and where better but on a NY rooftop, complete with pooping pigeons?).
    TG -- castle rebuilding?? Were you working for a charity called Habitat for Royalty?

    Shell -- cheers! (and thanks for you-know-what!!)

    I'm a bit of a voyeur too, Lily (as you can see)—it'll probably get me in trouble one of these days.

  5. Oh, I would love to do this. I do live high up though, o n the 7th floor, and we have a nice terrace, but a roof is so much better.

  6. “Habitat for Royalty.” I love it. But even royal habitats are going green.

    The chapel to the upper left had great acoustics. A couple Belgian women did a kind of modern-dance improvisation to a Japanese lullaby.

    Most of our volunteer time went here, rockin’ out with bare knees (like Rufus).

  7. Hi Alexa. Great pic. My kingdom for a roof like that in Soho...


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