Sunday, May 17, 2009

pointy-topped doo-dads

That's what they are now.  Not long ago I thought they 
were just (yet) another new bank building, and 4 Times Square 
peeking out from behind. 4 Times Square is the Condé Nast Building,
home of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Gourmet, and The New Yorker 
(where I was offered a job on two different occasions and had to turn
them both down because they paid bupkis—broke my heart). 
Anyway, now I see these buildings (and lots of others) in a whole new light.


  1. Sorry to ask but I don't fully understand this post. Language barrier !!
    How would you exlain or translate "doo-dads" ? It doesn't appear in my nevertheless huge dictionary, the kind I need to be sure to understand all TG's jokes, for example !

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  3. Marylène – There are some links to English definitions of “doodads” here.

    Looking elsewhere I found the French word bidule.

    This is a kind of inside reference. Shell Sherree discovered that she has a fascination or affinity for things with pointy tops, often architectural. It began on March 20, 2009, fourth comment from the top over at Eric’s PDP.

    Actually, I was waiting to make a comment here until Shell had a chance to exclaim elation much in the manner of ET Suzy, but while I am here I wanted to mention how I cannot read the words Condé Nast without thinking of the documentary titled Born Rich, which included as one subject an heir to that particular fortune. Ah, were that it had been someone else, like ME!

    Speaking of humor, I find it often does not translate between different languages. Long ago, in a university town, I once was in a French-style crepe shop and asked a Belgium-born student along with us to translate several of the many French cartoons pasted on the wall. Not a one made sense, let alone was amusing.

    So I wonder, have I ever inspired something of a chuckle, Marylène? Or only rolling, exacerbated eyes?

  4. Marylene, agree with Tall Gary that it is 'bidule'! That's what came to my mind before I read his comment.

    Alexa, why is it that big companies often pay so little? I guess they feel you should be flattered to work for them...and one is, but still!

  5. Pointy-topped Doo-dad!
    Pointy-topped Doo-dad!
    Pointy-topped Doo-dad!

    Hoorayyyyy! I nearly passed out when I saw your post, Alexa. Partly from contrition at being so late here on such an illustrious occasion.

    Marylène, no need for further explanations from me, as TG has already eloquently and meticulously further clarified Pointy-topped Doo-dads. And why am I not surprised that TG has even been able to present a timeline for us, starting indeed with the PDP post then continuing to proliferate with greater acceleration here at dear Alexa's abode.

    Ahhhh. I will go to bed happy tonight. Thank you all!

    {TG, by the way, the suspense is getting to me. Did you spot yourself in my drawing for Eric?}

  6. And now I also need to say, Alexa - I can only imagine how it must have felt to decline offers from those magazines.

  7. Thank you, Tall Gary and Bibi, for your explanations. Yes, "bidule" ou "truc" would perfectly do.

    Now it starts meaning something to me. I understand why I didn't understand. In addition to the language barrier, there was also the problem of what I call "PCC" with my friends (my inside reference) meaning "Patrimoine Culturel Commun".

    Jokes and humour, great discussion !
    Most of puns can't be translated, one reason to watch movies or TV series in OV (VO in French).
    Also most of them refer to local culture and topics. And they don't easily cross the ocean !! My American culture is far beyond your French one, shame on me !!
    But my own understanding of humour has evolved ever since I started first to read then, after a while, to dare to comment on blogs.
    So now, most of the time I understand your jokes, TG, and every time I understand they, they make me laugh.
    Next step will be to start making jokes myself, but don't be afraid, it won't be before long.

  8. Marylène, even for a native English speaker, I've found that TG has taken jokes and language to a whole new level that is so much fun to explore! By the way, you need to tell us which colour you're choosing for your harem pants. {If this makes no sense, pop back here and all will be revealed in a veiled fashion.}

  9. What do you think would be the right match with yours ? Shiny grey to match my hair (they are just grey, wish they were shiny) or blue like my eyes ?

  10. All this talk about harems has me thinking about shoulders again.

    Shell – I did spot someone whose head was cropped and who didn’t quite fit entirely in the screen. I like his mock turtleneck. But why would that give me a subliminal urge to make fun of these guys? I mean, where do they think they are? Parked on some lover’s lane somewhere?

    (This might be explanatory to some.)

    I love how comfortable is the smoking jacket that I (?) am wearing and I am grateful to you for not showing the back side as here.

  11. Marylène ~ how about shiny grey with blue embroidered trim?

    TG ~ what can I say?! {Those turtles are adorable, by the way.}


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