Monday, June 1, 2009

ahoy there

Last week was Fleet Week here, and we've
been seeing sailors all over town.  These 
guys in Times Square were probably 
hoping for some of this action!


  1. Probably looking for a girl to kiss, like in that photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt! Is it now that Times Square is indeed automobile-free, or just a part of it? Looks like these fellows are in the street...

  2. And in their crisp white uniforms, they probably found what they were hoping for ...

    I love the colourful background too, Alexa. It's a great foil for them.

  3. I have a lower lever of American culture since your pic inspired me this song "New york, New York ....." of one of my favorite musical movie ! I think it is my very first crush of the Big Apple !!
    I can still see in my mind Frank Sinatra and friends spending THEIR day in the city.
    Thank you for all the souvenirs ....

  4. I first thought of Marylène’s comment about the window washer just a week ago, May 24: “Nice view! But what a job! Climbing so high, always outside, facing the weather, rain, wind, sun and heat .... it is almost like being a sailor.... a romance at each port ...sorry... at each floor!”

    ”Join the Navy and See the World.” But isn’t just seeing New York enough sometimes? It sure has its share of PTDDs.

    As is Shell, I am impressed with the contrasts, how the sailors stand out. A reverse image would be something like Woodstock in Antarctica.

  5. Thanks a lot, TG, for adding the link, made my day !!
    I don't know how to do that, well, to be honest, I never tried, maybe it is simple, but, being lazy, I'd rather envoy your links than look for myself.

  6. You are welcome Marylène. It is entirely my pleasure.

    Here is a first step: < a h r e f = " (URL) " > (link-words) < / a >. Copy and paste the line of HTML above somewhere. Take out all of the spaces. Put one space back between the “a” and the “href” at the beginning. Replace the first parenthetical, including the parentheses, with the URL (the http://www thing) then type in the words you want to show as the link in the other parenthetical, also eliminating those parentheses. Voila. It’s like magic!

    I always try to test it in PREVIEW.

    In all honesty, I sometimes spend more time looking for links than is rational.

  7. TG -- oh, go ahead and be irrational, Prez Linkin'—please!
    That's also one of my all-time fave musicals.

    Bibi -- now you have TG's explanation as well (and you do realize that if you click on the word "action" in the post, it should take you to that very photo?)

    Oops, late for work --

  8. PTDDs!!!

    {And yes, TG, do keep up the irrationality. Rationality is best reserved for Vulcan blogs.}

  9. As for the action: “The fact is he was kissing every girl he encountered and for that kiss, this particular nurse slapped him.”

    Couldn’t help notice the contorted arm lock he has her head in; her pulling way from him; her left arm not holding onto him, in fact, clenched in a half-fist.

    Come to think about it, it only differs in degree from this staged photograph using actor-models.

  10. aha...looks like it's right out of the "Sex in the City" episode

  11. Ha! Joke's on me. I just clicked on your word 'action' and see that you showed that photo! Ooops.


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