Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weehawken Street

I've always been fascinated by this house,
not your typical NYC dwelling! It's in the
far West Village, near the Hudson River.
Recently learned that the ancestors of
friends of mine came here in the early
1800s and set up a business on this
street (unloading ships and delivering
the goods). I think this may have been
part of their property—and wonder if
they put up this sign. (Maybe not, but
I know it's been there for at least 30
or 40 years!)


  1. Don't know why this didn't post when it was supposed to—stupid computer! (It's about to get unplugged and taken to the ER now.)

  2. Over the years I have seen different signs around the city saying the same thing. I wonder if it helps?
    good luck with your computer!

  3. Poor Alexa! Bad computer!

    So, ahem, is it really called Weehawken Street or are you having a wee bit of fun?

  4. What block should one urinate on?
    I suppose with a name like Weehawken the sign was inevitable.

  5. That’s funny from cali. That street name couldn’t help produce any subliminal urges to release some kind of bladder tension, could it?

    I used to see a related sign specific to popular SoCal amenities: We don’t swim in your toilet so please don’t pee in our pool.

    I was wondering how that side street could have once given easy access to the Hudson River but apparently we are seeing the back of the house. The front does indeed front the Hudson. It is well worth it to take a Google Maps “walk” around the block.

    I’m always blown away by American city scenes with actual history. Here in SoCal, “historical” is often synonymous with “demolition site.”

  6. When we were young and silly (last week) we used to call this Wee-weehawken St. Actually, with that name it seems like THE place to pee and also to spit. Gross.
    Thanks for the swell link. TG. I do love Google Maps!

  7. Ha! I wonder if the sign is effective.


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