Monday, June 22, 2009

The High Line

Check out New York's newest green space.
For once, instead of tearing something
down and building yet more unaffordable
condos and coops, this great old elevated
railway has been saved and turned into a
wonderful planted walkway. Love it!


  1. Must be the High Line. That’s fabulous. I love the recliners. No need to reupholster them if they get used a lot.

    I wonder if they got the idea from the Promenade Plantee near the Bastille Opera in Paris.

  2. How wonderful! And it's so clean looking - no cigarette butts or rubble in the gardens - a lovely sight to behold. {I've been meaning to say, a brand new computer - that's wonderful too, Alexa!}

    TG, looks like your research is spot on, as always. Perhaps a high ceilinged version of the concept for the viadect can be translated to the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge. :)

    "...The abandoned viaduct Daumesnil, crumbling and scheduled to be demolished, has been transformed into the Viaduct des Arts. The original 70 red brick arches of the 1.5 kilometer viaduct have been restored, renovated and enclosed with glass and now house arts and crafts workshops, galleries, furniture showrooms, a restaurant and a café..."

  3. Right you are, TG—and what Shell said. They've finished about half of it so far. And I believe some forward-thinking (and backward too for that matter) NY francophiles had a hand in making this happen.
    A friend of mine has been working on it for years.

    Shell -- What a super use for that space under the bridge. Maybe I'll get my friend to work on that next!

  4. I keep hearing about this and no wonder, what a great idea!


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