Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surf's up!

We've been having some seriously lousy
weather around here. But these surfer
chicks out in Montauk were undeterred.
Neither fog nor rain nor cold cold water . . .


  1. I just read in Vanity Fair that this is a sport where women can be as good as men. The article mentioned our beloved Montauk too!

  2. Cool picture ! Dans tous les sens du terme !
    (Sorry for French words sometimes, too early and not enough sleep those last 5 days).
    I fist thought you had moved to some beach in the North of France or Belgium !!
    All my condolances for your old computer but so glad to have a brnad new one, it was too hard never to be sure to find you on your blog when getting up every morning !!

  3. Booties and gloves—it does look cold. Did the surfer chicks find the waves hard to surf? (literally).

  4. Ah, surfers! They seem an impervious bunch, don't they - let nothing come between them and their waves. I love their passion!

  5. Lily -- yes we can!
    Marylene -- mais j'aime quand tu le dit parfois en francais.
    TG -- I've heard of the Polar Bear Club, but that's just plain insane.
    Shell -- me too, and I've known some who literally lived to surf.


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