Tuesday, June 9, 2009

art or vandalism?

Saw this on LaGuardia Place in the Village.
Since it's right outside this beautiful community
garden, my best guess is that one of the
gardeners decided to turn some poor biker's
misfortune into an artistic statement.
What do you think?


  1. Do you think that poor biker will get enough money selling this "piece of art" to buy a new mount ?

  2. Speaking of gardens, maybe you were lucky enough to photograph one of these in the early stages of growth.

  3. Once I looked at it close up, I decided I quite like it! If it was mine, though, I'd put it in the garden and plant a few nice flowering creepers next to it so they could grow all over it.

  4. For me, the art is in the photograph. Good find!

  5. Marylene -- in a word—no! ;~}

    TG -- seriously, how DO you do that?

    Shell -- an even better idea.

    Suzy -- Aaaw, thanks!

  6. When I used to live in Greenwich Village 15 years ago,I'd stumble upon these artistic bicycle statements every so often. I could never figure it out. Funny this is still happening.

  7. It has been spray painted white. Don't you think it may be one of those memorials to someone who died on a bicycle?


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