Monday, June 29, 2009

Gay Pride Parade

The parade was yesterday, and this year
is also the 40th anniversary of the
Stonewall riots. The guy on the float?
Hey, if I had a body like that, I'd be
proud too. As for the others, I'll just
say that anything goes on this day.
(That's the elbow of my new BFF,
Officer Nunez—it's in most of my
parade pix.)


  1. That is what freedom allows. We should never forget how fortunate we are !
    All that seems to us as easy as turning a faucet and getting water is not possible everyplace in the world !
    News from Eric via Facebook or Twitter ? (things I am not familiar with)

  2. Hooray for Officer Nunez, your new BFF!

    Yes, anything goes with these parades - unleashed exuberance!

  3. Too bad if I look stupid but I couldn't find the meaning of BFF !!

  4. Marylene -- BFF means Best Friend Forever ;~}

  5. Thanks a lot !
    I DO need to practice as much as possible English, American English, Blogger, Textos (in French) and all those little "drawings" using lots of brackets, and punctuation signs !!!!

  6. Whoa, is that a bare bottom? What fun to watch such a parade! Yesterday, after having met with you and "Lily," I also managed to snap a few photos of some Gay Parade stragglers down by Union Square...stay tuned....

    And it was such fun to get together with you and "Lily" yesterday on my NYC trip.

  7. The look on the cop's face as he stares at that bare bottom is priceless!

  8. fabulous photos Alexa! I love New York!

  9. Gay Pride in NY must be pretty cool! Love the surround sound effect :)


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