Saturday, June 27, 2009

chill out

These little kids are keeping cool in
the newly renovated fountain in
Washington Square Park.


  1. Image universelle et intemporelle !!!
    Out of time and out of place ?
    Kids are the same all around the world, could be in France, Italy, Israel, and with other colors, Africa ....
    Your picture could easily be used as an ad against racism !!
    You're the best, Alexa !!

  2. It does look like something that could have been taken years ago or elsewhere! I'm amazed they allow these sprites to splash around in the fountain with cursed litigation the way it's become - it's refreshing to see this fun is still ok!

  3. marylene -- in fact, there were little kids of all shapes and colors here that day. I chose this shot because I liked the little girl in the red dress.
    Shell -- hadn't thought of that, but it is kind of surprising I guess. And nice.

  4. I am so happy it was sunny today. It would be really neat if it was sunny tomorrow too!
    Nice shot Alexa.


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