Tuesday, June 16, 2009

water lily

They're in bloom at the garden, and I've
taken lots of pictures of them. Most are
fully opened, floating on the surface of
the pond and very colorful, but for
some reason, this is the one that just
completely blew me away.


  1. Easy to understand why Monet has been so fascinated by water lilies (?), so am I.
    Don't know why, I just like it.

  2. Could it have opened up into something like this in honor of one of your regular visitors whose comments we always enjoy reading?

    I have a lotus photo on a wall not unlike this, but it would be tickled even more pink to share some interior attention with your friendly bud.

  3. That is gorgeous! It looks more like a peony bud than a water lily. I bet it's even more breathtaking when it blooms.

  4. Very elegant, Alexa. And it does look like a peony bud!

    TG, that's a sweet comment, and your pink lotus looks like she's beckoning with a finger!

  5. For some reason when I see this, I think of Victorian times when women were covered from head to toe, and just showing an ankle was shocking. Now women flaunt everything they have, and have sort of become less mysterious. One always wonder what's hidden inside, some of my male friends claim.

  6. I wouldn't have known what it was had you not said.
    I just noticed your counter - man, you have people from all over visiting your blog. Pretty cool!

  7. Thanks, guys! I'm trying to type this fast before Safari crashes on me -- again! If tou don't hear from me, that's why. Have posted ahead but am home for a few days and more or less sans Internet. Bummer.

  8. beautiful! why are you using Safari?


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