Friday, June 19, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Been spending WAY too much time
at the Apple store on 5th Ave. Took
this when I went to pick up my laptop,
which was getting its 3rd new hard drive!
It's a cool place though, and I love the
"glass" staircase.


  1. First impression: What a cool ceiling. So that’s what it looks like. Yes, she has shown us the Apple Store before. Love that glass-cube entrance. Hmm. Those look like feet. Oh, “glass staircase,” she said. They ARE feet.

    This is one of the joys of getting older. Being befuddled can be such a pleasure. Yet another pleasure being the experience of Alexa’s sky-watch Fridays—like today watching those pure white clouds floating by within the crisp azure heavens. They are moving aren’t they? Ha ha.

  2. That's a gorgeous pic. And I guess for many Apple owners looking forward to their successfully repaired gadgets, it's a stairway to heaven.

  3. I spend too much time in thrift shops in the US...I am a thrift-shop junkie...and camera stores...

    Neat ceiling!

  4. the glass staircase is amazing....happy skywatching and have a good weekend...cheers.

  5. Our Apple store looks nothing like this! Is your computer out of the ER?

  6. trust me ...the apple stores in other towns...not so interesting!


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