Wednesday, June 17, 2009

abc wednesday - V is for "violin"

Here's a twist on your typical subway
musician. Instead of playing himself,
he was teaching others to play (no
mean feat, I should think). My train
took long enough to arrive that I was
able to hear both of them play. The
guy was pretty good!


  1. Does it say a lot that the teacher has torn all his hair out? Seriously though, it's a very giving and lovely thing to do! {Teaching strangers, that is.}

  2. Good one about the hair, Shell!

    From that close-up perspective one can see an unusual looking bow rosin.

  3. Shades of the Paris metro, taken to another level!

  4. What a nice idea !
    Still I am not sure that, in Paris, with the hurried (?) commuters, he'll have a great success ! Maybe with the nonchalant tourists, from France or elsewhere !!

  5. That's the cheapest violin lesson I've ever heard of, TG. ;)

  6. Shell, I couldn’t read the denomination, actually. Probably not this. He did have two students photographed as Alexa was waiting for the train. How much would you pay for an instant violin lesson on a subway platform?

    Incidentally the guy on the above bill, while riding a bicycle at Princeton, ran into my grandfather and took a tumble. Too bad my grandfather wasn’t giving bicycle-riding lessons for voluntary donations of “self” portraits.

  7. True, TG ~ I think I misunderstood when Alexa said 'the guy was pretty good'. She probably meant the teacher, not the recipient of the express lesson. Why is it that I have a feeling you're not joking about your grandfather?! {Yikes, I thought my word verification was gunmoll for a moment, but it's gummoll. Phew.}

  8. I'm guessing the teacher took whatever they were willing to give him. And I meant the young man was good—but I guess that means the teacher was too!

  9. This reminds me of Paris. A young man was playing violin on one of the bridges. No lessons were being offered though!

  10. What a fantastic guy he is !! He is making others understand the way to learn..This is what i like..Great.Unseen Rajasthan

  11. Only in NY!! I would have liked to observe this scene. A very cool V post.

  12. What a wonderful story. And to have been able to hear 2 songs.
    I posted a violin as well - but just a teeny one! I love violin music.

  13. Hi!
    Great "V" post! He is a very nice man to teach strangers to play the violin. Have a great evening!


  14. Things I like about these photos: Before enlarging, the framing is like antique Victorian. Instead of the grungy subway tiles that they are they look like illuminated glass blocks or stained glass lit by the sun outdoors.

    The human interplay is fascinating. The male “student” obviously has some avid interest. Could he be a stringed-instrument musician? In the bottom photo he isn’t surreptitiously checking out the “babe” but her fingering.

    The teacher, too, evinces enthusiasm, and some of the male “student’s” good sound is surely due to the teacher’s skilled guiding hand.

    What a great shared experience for all of us. Thanks Alexa.

  15. nice, Alexa...perhaps I should send Dean and his guitar into town!


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