Wednesday, June 24, 2009

abc wednesday - W is for "wedding"

This is Joe and Giovanna. I don't know them,
but they got married somewhat publicly in
the garden a couple of weeks ago. So I
parked myself in the rose bushes with my
camera, all the while thinking "abc Wednesday,
W is for wedding."


  1. Ouch, I hope the bushes were kind to you, Alexa! {Find anyone else in there?} You've been rewarded with a lovely photo.

  2. wonderful!!

    Thank you for participating in ABC Wednesday!

  3. Pas de roses sans épines !
    I hope you didn't hurt yourself while "spooking" (but for the good cause) the happy couple !!
    So now ?
    Or, more precisely, next week ? Back to A ?
    This just reminded me of a rather surrealistic comics I used to read, the action was supposed to take place on the A of "Atlantic Ocean"....

  4. I am laughing trying to imagine you hiding in the bushes! Nothing you won't endure for your art! Bravo Madame!

  5. I'm happy to report that no bloggers were injured in the taking of this photo. And no, I wasn't alone!

  6. Beautiful...what a great W...I see a few other 'shooters' in the crowd...


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