Sunday, June 21, 2009

art in the garden

What a lovely way to spend a beautiful
summer Saturday. Although capturing
the roses with a camera wasn't exactly
unpleasant either!


  1. Wow, That’s really beautiful. Love the way the pinks and reds are balanced throughout the picture, with those complimentary splashes of green.

    Clare seems to be quite talented. I’m assuming she’s working in water colors. Oh, Shell would know.

  2. It is really beautiful! Red and green are a striking combination.

    I believe Clare is working in watercolours, TG. {And has matched her hairband to her t-shirt colour perfectly.} Though I can't see her bag of tricks, I wonder if she's put water on the page then applied watercolour paint or pencil. I'd love to see the finished piece {though I'm not expecting you to find her and ask for it, Alexa!}

  3. Yes, Shell is right, oh Observant One (didn't realize I was revealing this nice young Hunter student's name). One of these days, I'm going to get in trouble. But since I know her name and her school, I probably COULD find her!


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