Friday, June 5, 2009

skywatch Friday

Took this one from daughter Katie's
terrace, right on Flatbush Avenue in
the heart of good ol' Brooklyn.


  1. I hope people take advantages of their terraces to enjoy nice sky views!

  2. What a great silhouette, Alexa. The balconies look like they're just hanging there ... {wait ~ is that the arm of a window cleaner I can see?}

  3. What a grand view; as opposed to that of someone who looks out on this.

  4. bibi -- I think they take advantage of the terraces to play loud music and annoy the neighbors.

    Shell -- just so they keep on hangin'.

    LOL, TG—although some DO, I guess & that's not so funny. Happy to say I never had such a view.

  5. Wow! this is so pretty! Great shot Alexa.

  6. That's a great angle! Love the buildings and the wonderful color of the sky.

  7. The orange aperture to at first I thought was a big moon until I enlarged it. Fantastic view!

    Thanks for leaving kind comment at Skywatch Friday #47.

    Australia: Quadrat in Focus

  8. That is such an interesting shot, with the shape of the clouds and the pale pink. Terrace view. Cool!
    (First timer here via Skywatch Fri. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your in your sidebar and profile. Super upbeat attitude.)


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