Thursday, June 25, 2009

the great lawn

Just your typical summer afternoon in
Central Park—and I always wonder why
all these people aren't at work or school.
This was the site of this 1981 event,
among others—not all in great weather.


  1. I would SO have liked to watch Simon and Garfunkel there instead of at the hippodrome de Longchamp en 1982 !
    Que de bons souvenirs !!
    And now, thank to you, I can imagine my concert there. Glad you decided to play TG's part !

  2. Marylene--I have to stop making TG do my job pour moi, n'est-ce pas? So, you saw them at Longchamp in '82? Brava! Must admit that I was at neither of these concerts (had both a toddler and a nursing infant at the time (et pas de regrets!).

  3. A classic concert in such a setting would be pretty memorable. And what a lovely place to play hooky, not that I ever did anything like that. {Well, certainly not in Central Park ... but not in any other location either.}

  4. Central Park always amazes me, this beautiful space in the city!

  5. Every time I've been there, I wonder the same thing. Maybe they all work at night?

  6. What is this "TG" thing of which you speak?

    If it takes a lack of same to create such a marvelous post then good riddance, n'est-ce pas? .

  7. I wish I could have been one of them: playing hooky from work and enjoying a day out of doors for a change.

    LOL, TG!

  8. TG! What? Good riddance? Heaven forfend, man! We all know there are still more and better and funnier links out there even when I overcome my inertia long enough to add one or two myself. I assume you're kidding, but even so . . . you're the "prez," remember?


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