Sunday, June 14, 2009

One year old!

This is the 1st anniversary of my little
blog! So I'm hoisting this glass of bubbly
and toasting all of the lovely new friends
I've made. Thank you for commenting
and making my day. I'm inordinately
fond of all of you! And a special merci
to Eric and PDP—my inspiration always.


  1. We'been missisng you all day !
    Happy Birthday to your nice and friendly blog !
    And un grand merci to you for making us dream about your amazing city.

  2. Merci, Marylene! I had to put this here so late, I was afraid no one would even see it. I love getting your comments.

  3. I know you were there for me in November, Alexa, so it behooves me to be with you today. Here’s to ya, Babe.

  4. Congratulations Alexa! Job well done! Yours is a most interesting blog that I look forward to visiting daily.
    & I know just how you feel about Eric too.
    ; )

  5. Happy birthday to your blog, Alexa!
    Nice photo for a nice event ;-)

  6. Happy Anniversary/Birthday, dear Alexa! I'm so sorry I'm late for the party. And I'm so glad I found you and your lovely friends. I look forward to our catch-up every day. {As opposed to ketchup which does little for me at all.}

  7. Happy One Year, Alexa. It's gone by fast, hasn't it?

    TG's link is just perfect.

  8. Sorry to be late...but, happy birthday...this week has been a little crazy!


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