Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 bloggers

Lucky me! I spent most of the day Sunday
with fellow bloggers Bibi, from Belgrade,
and Lily Hydrangea, and Bibi's friend
(and blogger-to-be) Marianne—who took
this shot of the 3 of us. Here we are
on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade,
admiring the best view of downtown
Manhattan. For sure, one of the things
I love most about blogging is getting to
meet some truly wonderful people!


  1. Wonderful sky and view ! Seems you were having nice weather after all the rain !!
    But you're not kind with me ! I'll only spend 4 days in NYC and you make me keep adding things on my To Do.
    It is just the contrary of Tour Montparnasse : the best way not to see it being to be on it.
    I just realised that the best way to see Manhattan is to leave it !!

  2. what a great shot! (thanks Marianne)I love this picture of us. It was so nice meeting you & the other girls Alexa. we had a great day. thanks for the lovely tour dear friend!

  3. Aww, that's a wonderful shot Marianne took of you three! And didn't you have an especially lovely day for it.

    That's a nice line,
    Marylène, 'the best way to see Manhattan is to leave it'!

  4. That is quite a view. Nice that the weather cooperated.

  5. I love this shot (and yes, thanks future-blogger Marianne). Alexa, can you send me a copy? I didn't have Marianne take this photo with my camera.


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