Saturday, June 13, 2009

guess the borough

Do you know where this was taken (by my
friend Lisa, btw)? A lot of people picture this
when they think of this part of the city. Now
do you know?
(I will be sadly sans Internet until at least Sunday
afternoon. See you then.)


  1. Very picturesque and snug looking, Alexa. Lovely photo, Lisa! Sorry, I can't even take a rough guess about where it is but probably somewhere unexpected! {Naughty internet ... looking forward to seeing you when it's behaving again, hopefully soon!}

  2. Glad you're back ! I was missing my daily dose of New York !!
    Somewhere in the Bronks, maybe ?
    Seems to me that it is the only part of NYC that has a bad reputation, so it could be a good surprise if this nice and lovely picture had been taken there.

  3. Congratulations Marylène. It must be the Bronx. If you wish to verify just check out the URL of Alexa’s link.

    Please, do tell more, Alexa.

    At first I thought the link was the late Leona Helmsley’s former servants quarters become a dog house in the main photo.

  4. Oh. Hello. I just had to say Something because it feels so weird not seeing a new post from you by this hour, Alexa. Sigh. Naughty whatever-bit-is-causing-the-internet-problem!!!

  5. I would love to be there, too! Great Picture!

  6. Good for you, Marylene! It is indeed the Bronx—the lovely part, called Riverdale.

    Guys, I'm so angry. I was at my mom's overnight, and Blogger wouldn't let me post ahead. I even filled in the word verification they now feel they must give me to post. The anniversary day is almost over and I'm only just now able to put it here. Bad Blogger!


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