Sunday, June 7, 2009


Came upon this friendly Saturday afternoon
roller-hockey game at the Bleecker Street
playground.  (To score in this game you
have to knock the puck into a turned-over
garbage can.)  After watching for a few minutes
(oh, okay, it might have been longer than that)
I began to wonder what he looked like 
under all that bulky clothing.


  1. It feels good to know that I make that shirtless guy’s body look totally amateur—stomach flab-wise.

    I understand Wayne Gretzky went golfing yesterday. But what do I know?

    But as far as what’s under all that gear in your linked photo, it was probably something closely akin to this. (Print, cut, and glue head on).

  2. Hm, makes Wayne Gretzky look like a bit of a wuss to me. Who needs all that padding??? Clearly not these guys!

    TG, ROFL! That's some profile pic!

  3. Well, I've never been one for hockey where they wear all the clothes, but I would happily watch a few more scantily-clad fellows like this. :<)

  4. Hi Alexa,
    Well you'd need a different type of "camera" or... *wink* to discover that! :D


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