Thursday, June 4, 2009

alwyn court

That's the name of this building at
the corner of 58th Street and 7th Ave.
The terra-cotta detailing on the facade
is amazing.  (In fact, it would make a
great painting.)  This place used to have
huge (14 room) apartments; of course,
now the interior has been renovated
and the building is a coop.  I can remember
when the facade was almost black, but
it got a cleanup job too, and I am glad
about that.


  1. I imagine a competition between the stone carvers :
    the winner will be the one that filled the last empty gap on the stones with somehing .... anything !!
    And the winner is ....

  2. Alexa, what a building! And what a painting! Very inspiring. {I can feel a little watercolour coming on...} Those apartments must have been magnificent before they drew and quartered them - what a shame.

    Hee hee, Marylène!

  3. Definitely my kind of space; I love it. No smooth facades for me.

  4. neat perspective. I like the blue reflection in the windows too.

  5. God, that's beautiful!! I must find that when I am in NY next!

  6. Yeah, I've always loved this place.
    kenju -- no problem: just get yourself to the southeast corner of 7th Ave. & 58th St. And if you should happen to have a craving for caviar while you're there, Petrossian restaurant is located in this building.

  7. It’s a good thing I never got any tattoos. Now I have enough room on my back for a tattoo of the entire Alwyn Court. But as I continue to suffer the ravages of age I’m afraid the tattoo will come to resemble this building.

    {Dead computer yesterday}


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