Friday, June 12, 2009

Skywatch Friday

A storm was brewing above the Pantheon in Paris, 
creating that beautiful mix of darkness and light.


  1. Ah, Paris. Paris amuses me. Or not. That is for me to know and for you to find out.

    Haven’t I see that same sky, the one you so adeptly captured with your cute little pixels, inside somewhere, painted on a dome much like that we can see here?

    Yes, Paris. That’s the place for me. I hope to take up residence there in a former royal palace some day. That is if Leo “Veni Vidi" Da Vinci ever gets that brush handle out of his ass and finishes this portrait.

  2. Shame on me !!
    When I first looked at your pic, early morning here (no excuse), I first though you were stil somewhere in Rome !!!
    And I used to live place de la Contrescarpe, really at the "foot" of the Panthéon !!
    Aging is so frustrating sometimes. LOL.
    Dans tous les cas, j'adore !!!

  3. Bad day for me, one hous later I am still not really awake !
    I even didn't notice your new photo, TG !
    I always felt you were hiding so many mysteries, now it is clear to me. You will learn us so many things, Mister Da Vinci !!!!

  4. okay...your storm photo trumps my storm photo!

  5. Ah, TG, you amuse me!

    Marylene -- I used to live right down the rue de la Montaigne Ste. Genevieve, at place de l"Ecole Polytechnique. Neighbors!

    Guys -- Blogger has locked my blog—they seem to think it's a spam blog. Hmmph—as if! I think I've convinced them I'm not, but I don't know how long it takes to get unlocked and I won't have access to the Internet until Sunday, so . . . fingers crossed.

  6. Okay -- looks like I'm back in business. Yay!

    BTW, Bee-bee, all you have to do is take a pill and get on the plane!

  7. Tu est tres amusant, Tall One.

    Alexa, I've been browsing your blog this evening and enjoying the pix. That one in Rome with the umbrellas is stunning. But Paris trumps all, doesn't it? Lovely shot.

    Can't imagine why blogger thought this was a spam blog.


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