Monday, June 15, 2009

the narrowest house . . .

. . . in New York City. This 9 1/2-ft.-wide building
is 75 1/2 Bedford Street, in Greenwich Village.
Edna St. Vincent Millay lived here in the '20s. Other
tenants included cartoonist William Steig, his wife,
and her sister, Margaret Mead, who all lived there
together in the '30s, and John Barrymore and Cary
Grant (no, not together). But which one left that
bike parked out front?


  1. I'd love to know whose bike that is too.
    Any ideas TG?

  2. For a minute, before reading your comment, I thought you had moved to Notting Hill and that you had just missed Hugh Grant !!!

    The only time I went to NYC, for a weekend only, I didn't have time to go to Grennwich Village, too many museums to visit first.

    Now I start preparing my next trip, is there a lot to see there ? and how much time to save in my schedule ?
    I know now that I want to visit Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
    It will be hard to choose. All this is your fault !!!! You show us so many nice places ! Every time I say : Oh ! this one too I have to go and see !!!!

  3. I assume there are stairs rather than an elevator.

    Lily Hyrdrangea: Hmm. Let me see. No motorcycle here. Nor here. None here, either. Do the Steigs have a pet cat by any chance?

  4. I don't mind small spaces but considering no two of us harem members could lie end to end across its width, Alexa ... that IS petite!

    Marylène has a great point! And TG, nice links. How is it Lily knew you'd have some ideas?!

  5. Brad Pitt? Angelina Jolie is in town filming a new movie called, Salt!

  6. Ming: I first read the movie title as Slut! Go figure!

    TG: Wow, good links. Grant, Barrymore and Garbo in Grand Hotel. NICE!

    Shell: a variation on your end to end comment: If all the young ladies who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, no one would be the least surprised.
    For more quotes by Dorothy Parker (God, I love her smart ass mouth) see:

    Sorry - don't know how to do links. I know TG explained, but my teeny tiny brain could not compute.

  7. "Upon my honor
    I saw a Madonna
    Standing in a niche
    Over the door
    Of the glamorous whore
    Of a prominent son of a bitch.

    Said to have been written in the guest-book of Hearst Castle, referring to the room occupied by Hearst's mistress, Marion Davies. Parker always denied it, pointing out that she would never have rhymed "honor" with "Madonna".
    Since Parker didn't write it, there are many different versions of this, including ones where the word describing the whore is "favorite" or "famous", and ones where "son of a bitch" is modified by "the world's worst" instead of "a prominent."

    And I thought she had written this one!

  8. cali, LOL! She sure did put the 'smart' into 'a55'!

  9. don't know who I would want to see there first!


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