Wednesday, June 10, 2009

abc wednesday - U is for "umbrella"

A rainy day in Rome:  In this crowd
at the foot of the Spanish Steps, taking
photos of each other and Bernini's Fontana
della Barcaccia in the Piazza di Spagna, I
count nine pinwheel-design umbrellas.
Do you suppose they were all 
staying at the same hotel?


  1. Or just prior to this their tour included a morning of sunbathing.

    This photo of yours leaves me bewildered. Since 1960 my preconception of Rome, fountains, and people in the vicinity ran to no more than two colors: B&W.

  2. Colorful! I really should buy a bright pink umbrella. They're so pretty on a rainy day. The one I have is a Monet-esque Paris monument one I bought in Paris when caught in a storm there.

  3. Lovely, Alexa! Almost the opposite of the day I went there, when it was a sea of black. {Though some time ago, it was more recently than 1960...}

    I quite like the sound of Bibi's brolly!

  4. Oh I thought of the same but changed ...
    Looks very wet :)

  5. An umbrella is a great invention. Good shot of all the umbrellas.

  6. TG -- Thanks to FeFe, I half expected Rome to be in b&w the first time I went there!
    Bibi -- I have a Monet umbrella too!

    I'm really enjoying abc wednesday—love seeing what other bloggers come up with.

  7. maybe they were selling them on the street that day?
    perfect U post for this weather we've been having.

  8. My umbrella got a nice work out in Paris on Monday! No sun in SoCal, but no rain either.


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