Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photo Hunter — "technology"

Here at NYC's main Apple store on 5th
Avenue they've set up a table for the pre-K
customers—who look right at home with the
newest Mac, don't they? Just hope they didn't
ask Santa for an iPhone. Hey, kids, FAO Schwartz
is right next door!
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  1. You must be on a first name basis with them all by now, Alexa???

  2. Somehow I'm always saddened to see kids on computers, though I know that technology brings a lot of good. As a teacher, I find that lots of kids just don't have hands-on skills or fun anymore.

  3. I am with Bibi on that one !!
    I am very old fashioned, I am so sad to see my nephews and nieces unwilling to read and build anything by themselves. the "no screen no fun" generation scares me !!!!

  4. Yep! I love computers but have to command my kids to go outside!

  5. My four year old is a competition to me in front of the computer.

    My technology share

  6. Pre-K? Customers? Oh my word! What ever happened to blocks and tinkertoys?

    My Photo Hunt is up! Have a great weekend.

    Mrs. Mecomber
    New York

  7. It is so cool to see all the different takes on this theme. Apple has always been smart about marketing to the future. Very cool.


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