Saturday, November 7, 2009

Photo Hunter — "military"

This one was a challenge. Finally decided
to post this shot of Italian soldiers at the
Vatican. The Pope was about to leave for
a ceremony elsewhere in Rome (it was the
feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint
of all Italy). The road was lined with Romans,
tourists, and these young soldiers—who
remained just as they were when the skies
opened up a few minutes later. Wouldn't
it be nice if getting drenched while protecting
a man from people who (as far as I could tell
from looking around me) revere him was
the most dangerous duty any young soldier
anywhere in the world ever had to perform?
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  1. yes it would be Alexa. If only the world were like that!
    I'd love to know what is distracting the men on the left. Whatever they are looking at seems to be making them smile a bit.

  2. That's for sure! They are young, aren't they. And it's a really lovely photo too, Alexa.

  3. Fantastic photo! Great composition and captures the spirit of the troop!

  4. Lily -- I can tell you what was amusing them: two older police officers, one tall and the other short—and the short one was giving the tall one grief about something.

  5. I like the columns behind these soldiers; they add to the effect of the photo. I think they are looking at you.... Oh, wait...I just read what you wrote!

  6. It sure would be great!

    That's a great shot with the tall columns white columns behind them. Really makes the blue uniforms stand out.

  7. That's a lotta protection!

    I played too :)


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