Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

And Happy B-day to my brother David!
Off to bro Chris's house for a delicious
dinner. God bless my sister-in-law for
taking us all on—she even makes this
turkey-day fave. Looks downright
bizarre here, but, aaah, when it comes
out of the oven all ooey and gooey . . .
So what's your favorite Thanksgiving
(or any) food?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Alexa!
    Wow this does certainly look interesting!
    I love ziti & stuffing on the side and pumpkin pie for dessert with ice-cream and a cup of tea.
    Have fun today.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Blogger friends !
    The day of the year when American people can stay "à table" as long as French do !!!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Alexa and Co, and happy birthday to David. Have a gorgeous time with your family, and enjoy the pumpkin pie! Are those marshmallows? Fascinating!

  4. That looks good.... At first I thought it was a selection of goat cheeses, which wouldn't have been bad either!

  5. Oh Yum my favorite, I'll be right over. lol


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