Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day parade

I actually forgot this parade was taking place yesterday.
Then I went to a yoga class at my fave studio, which
overlooks 5th Ave., and snapped these shots before
and after class. It's interesting to do yoga to the strains
of "The Marine Hymn" playing in the background.
In the first shot: the biggest flag I've ever seen. In the
second: front and center, our once and future mayor
—the guy who bypassed term limits and spent $100
million on his effort to be (successfully) reelected. (Do
you need to ask me what I think??)


  1. Love the first one !
    Are you talking of the kind of guy who thinks : "la loi, c'est pour les autres" ?

  2. I can safely say that I've never done yoga to the tune of The Marine Hymn, Alexa! You had a great view.

  3. Classic NY street parade! The first photo is amazing! Where were you standing when you took these photos?

    I have taken many photos for various parades in NYC but I could never find a high enough elevation to get a view like yours.


  4. great flag shot Alexa! you captured the perfect moment!

  5. monespiMarylene: exactement!

    Shell: You should try it sometime—very energizing!

    Lily: thanks!

    Ming: I was in what used to be the Astor family's private offices, on the 2nd floor of what used to be the Astor Bank building, right at 5th and 42nd. (Now it's a great yoga studio.)


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