Saturday, November 21, 2009

photo hunter - "birds"

Saw this woman walking around the Union
Square greenmarket this summer with her
two feathered friends. I'm hoping she has
specific "bird clothes" and then some that
remain unpecked. P.S.—those birds
were LOUD.
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  1. ughh! that was my first reaction,I think that would drive me crazy having two loud birds talking so close to my ears like that. Seriously, just the thought is sending shudders down my spine, one in each ear no less, yikes! This woman must have the love and patience of a saint.

  2. PS
    Alexa, thanks for the funny comment you left on my blog yesterday, you made me LOL.
    : )

  3. Why do I keep visualizing them this way? Could it be that the front of her T-shirt looks something like this? Probably not. Oh! Next Thursday! They do look free range...

  4. All-righty then. Nice capture, Alexa. :)

    I prefer birds at a distance. Too many bad chook-pen moments at a young age, I'm afraid. {You know we call chickens 'chooks'?} This photo reminded me of a girlfriend, whose much smaller bird pulls the earrings out of her ears.

    TG, have I said how much fun it is to have you around again?

  5. Amusing picture !
    I am not crazy about live birds coming close to me either, pigeons in Venice as well as geese in some farms !!!
    What I deeply hated was the pigeon that decided to have a bath every Sunday morning in the metal gutter of the tiny little room I once had in Paris, just above my bed !!! I almost turned myself into a hunter ! Almost...
    TG, I think I can talk for many if I say that you've never been very far in our minds, on the contrary !! I've been often wondering where you were and how you felt.

  6. What an unusual sight. Glad you had your camera!

  7. I thought that was a load of poo-poo on her shoulder, rather than a pecked hole! Either way, no fun, I don't think.

    I am not a bird person, a tame bird person, I mean.

  8. A bird on my shoulder sounds like a punishment.

  9. maybe these birds were hungry--screaming and eating her shirt. LOL


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