Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

I'm sure you can guess where I took this one.
Can't believe how many times I visited Venice
without ever going out to Burano! If you go
to Venice, don't make that mistake yourself.
And be sure to go early, so you can enjoy the
quiet beauty of this place and won't have to be
just one of the invading tourist hordes.
[See more shadow shots here.]


  1. Oh, yes! I have to agree with Lily! It is a gorgeous shadow and lovely colors!



  2. Great shot !
    Burano in October, the only sunny day of my trip, was like an ocean of light and colors, like your pic !!!!

  3. Oooh, there's another postcard in the waiting ~ and a great shadow shot, too. I went to Murano but made the mistake of missing Burano. Next time, I'll make amends.

  4. Well, I actually thought the photo had been taken in Greece, with that lovely blue color! In any case, it's a shot that would inspire an artist to do a watercolor, oil, or whatever media!

    (Hi to your mom, too!)

  5. Magic! And what a delicious shade of blue. I so wish I could visit there. One day maybe... :)

  6. The azure blues of the walls is just wonderful, as is the odd placement of the nets...wonderful shot!

  7. Blooming like flowers
    along bright blue wall, shadows
    bow down to the sun.

    My Shadow Shot

  8. interesting colours and composition...

  9. lovely shadows and a wonderful blue colour to the walls


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