Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Little bit of a challenge here. Had to have
a shadow or two, and my friend Lily wanted
a shot of our famous Halloween parade (for
which I have front row seats—though 10 flights
up, in the nosebleed section, which makes it a
bit harder to get a clear picture in the dark).
Think this qualifies on both counts—and every
year there are a few folks who go this route.
Why not? All you need is a body suit, a hot-glue
gun and a bunch of glo-stix. Easy and effective.
[You can find more shadow shots here.]


  1. Say, that's clever and effective!! I pick up all kinds of interesting tips here, Alexa. :) Love your dual purpose photo.

  2. What a terrific shot! I love it!


  3. I’m speechless with awe and admiration. It would be unconscionable to direct commenter’s eyes elsewhere with any kind of link. This is the real stuff. Kudos.

  4. Brilliant shot of what looks like a fun event!

  5. Hey, now this is a really, really good shot, considering where you too it from!! Wonderful!

    You even got TG to come back, chuckle!

  6. Goblins are marching
    down the city streets—beware
    their fierce hands and teeth!

    My Shadow Shot

  7. How creative they are...too cool!

    Love it...'the nosebleed' section...ha!

  8. What great costumes and a great shadow shot.

  9. Wow—thanks VERY much, everyone. All this feel-good feedback, and I got to enjoy the parade too!

  10. that is cool...I have never seen that done before....

  11. WoW! I am sooo impressed with your capture Alexa! You did very well considering the circumstances.
    & I love this, these glow stick guys are so creative, what a neat idea.
    A big thank you dear Alexa!


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