Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York at Night (3)

This is Herald Square, named for the the NY
Herald newspaper (on the negative side, the
paper was anti-Semitic and racist; on the other
hand, it did introduce the gossip column).
The clock and statuary in the background came
from the old Herald Building, which was just north
of here. It was sculpted in 1895 by Jean-Antoine Carles.
That's Minerva and her trusty owls. The bellringers
are nicknamed Stuff and Gruff (but I don't know why).
This is the spot (directly in front of Macy's) where
the parade will end up on Thursday.
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  1. this looks so calm and serene from this vantage point though I have heard it is considered the busiest intersection in all of Manhattan. I wonder if that is true.
    I enjoyed your history tidbits about the square Alexa, thanks!
    : )

  2. You're welcome, Lily. (Are you a night owl too?)

  3. This does look very calm and serene from what I have experienced in NYC! I, too, love your tidbits of history regarding the square! Great post, Alexa, and a great capture!

    Have a great week! And Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Great spot and picture !
    Same impression as Lily, but some questions came to my mind : your working area ? And if so, do you really work THAT late ????
    Thanks for the information.

  5. Great photo. It stands to reason a racist and anti-semitic newspaper would invent the gossip column - they had plenty of targets to gossip about.

  6. I could get lost in your photo for a while, Alexa ~ there's so much to investigate, and the bright lighting makes it look quite safe at night {you could land a plane by those lights!!}

  7. This is how I imagine big city living to be.

    wv:thenest!!! lol.


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