Thursday, November 19, 2009

smart bird

Personally, I wouldn't dream of feeding
one of these lousy (as in pigeon lice)
birds, but this one knows that the sign
won't keep any self-respecting New
Yorker from tossing him a piece of their
bagel if they really want to. P.S., NYC is
full of pretty little pocket parks like this
one—Jackson Square, in the West Village.


  1. Oh, I don't feed pigeons either. I do do squirrels, though.

    And Jackson Park makes me think of my little yet-to-be-homed dog, Jackson, whom you can see here

  2. 'Lousy' ~ hee hee!! I don't think I've heard the expression 'pocket parks' before. It's very atmospheric, like your lovely photo, Alexa.

    Bibi, all the best for Jackson ~ he looks like a sweet dog. Strays ~ argh, breaks my heart.

  3. awww Bibi, I wish i could take him!
    I like feeding birds though naturalists say it's not the right thing to do, so I have a big garden and that takes care of them. I don't ever remember seeing any pigeons in the garden though. We do have doves which are roughly the same size as pigeons. Mockingbirds are another story, I've been dive-bombed by them!

  4. I hope Jackson finds another good home too, maybe one with little kids he can play with. Such a sweet pup.
    Lily -- at my mom's house on LI, there are doves that wake you up if you sleep at the back of the house, and mockingbirds to do the same at the front. No alarm clocks needed!

  5. Love pocket parks. Jackson Square looks like a nice stop.

    Funny photo. Pigeons seem to be adaptable, even for their creative parking solutions ala your November 17 post. But the squirrels have been taking it hard, going from this to this.


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