Tuesday, November 17, 2009

stack 'em high

I get it: the stacks descend into the ground
so all the cars are accessible. But doesn't
that look like concrete under the stack in
the foreground? Guess that's not possible,
but . . . oh, whatever. You know, I'm actually
glad I don't have a car!
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  1. this composition has a nice designy feel to it Alexa.

  2. This was one of the early prototypes.

    I wonder if it works like this (9 sec.).

    I agree with Lily (Hi Lily!). Maybe a little influence from Cubism.

  3. Never seen anything like that. How do the cars get to the ground?

  4. Now, that's intriguing, Alexa! I'd be glad I didn't have a car too if that was the parking of choice.

  5. THat is some parking. I wonder hoe long it takes to get your car out of that garage. Great shot

  6. What a great photo! Well done. (Besides being interesting!)

  7. We had one of these at the building where I worked. Twenty some years ago there was a huge turntable like that in the cul-de-sac of a narrow street next to Shibuya Station that was used for buses, but it is long gone now.

    This is what’s happening these days.

  8. These garages fascinated me when I was in NYC this past summer! So practical...unless you don't set the parking brake... :)

  9. TG -- great linkage! Parking is quite an art in Japan these days—but I'm still glad I don't have a car, here OR there!
    (My wv is "burys"!)

  10. Our sheep transposts have four layers, but cars? Maybe they'll stack them to the height of skyscrapers. Well caught shot.


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