Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

We're back up Fifth Avenue at the Met.
This amazing work is Roxy Paine's
"Maelstrom," installed on the roof
garden. It was supposed to be there
only until the end of October, but was
extended until today. Hope it has a
permanent home somewhere.
[You can find lots more shadow shots here.]


  1. Lovely, long sinewy shadows here. Your weather and ours appears to be similar for the moment.

  2. I love that one !!!
    And I am happy that, even if I cannot make it to go to NYC right now, we share the same sky !!!

  3. The 'Maelstrom' is sensational, and I love those long shadows you've captured here, not to mention the sky and skyline. Lovely, Alexa!

  4. What an incredible shadow shot! And such a fabulous sculpture! Wow! Would really love to have been able to see that!

    Enjoy your day, Alexa!


  5. Normally we think of shadows as being kind of soft and passive. These shadows are alive - there is so much activity in them! Great photo.

  6. I love prepositional art.

    It needs a new home. How about here?

  7. Glad you all liked this (and—ha— what Shell said).


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