Wednesday, November 4, 2009

abc wednesday - P is for "polar ice cap"

And this is my daughter Katie, who had just
been sitting on it! (And, no, I wasn't there in
Greenland with her, so thanks to whoever took
this photo.) I may have thought about it once
or twice, and if I did I'm sure I pictured the polar
ice cap as being very smooth. Go figure! Just
hope it lasts for my (and Katie's) lifetime!
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  2. Is she trying to shake off something from her little shoesie? No, I guess she’s just shaking her booty.

    I couldn’t help but notice that there is just a wee bit less traffic here than in Manhattan. Man, where are those taxis when you need them?

    It’s hard to believe that place is going to look like this in a short while. What are the poor polar bears going to do?

  3. I try not to think about climate change, and get depressed when I think of my kids' world and their kids' world...

    But I too imaged the ice cap as smooth like a white bathing cap.

  4. Your girls inherited your sense of travel and adventure, Alexa. I thought it would be smooth, too. Let's hope that the polar bears manage to adapt as well as TG's did. I try not to dwell on it either ~ just do everything I can to minimise my impact and focus on the positives.

  5. We do normally think of a polar ice cap as looking more like this (sans submarine).

    Katie’s ice cap looks like it was a stormy sea suddenly flash frozen. Even a Robert Peary would have a rough time traversing that terrain by dogsled to the North Pole. What’s with that?

    I wonder how large a part deforestation has in global warming. Talk about carbon sequestration—what could be better than a rain forest? Plant a tree—one small step for a person...

  6. TG -- well, this IS near the outer edge of the polar ice cap, so maybe when you get closer to the Pole it looks more like something a team of sled dogs could navigate. And maybe you also encounter polar bears (not with little umbrella drinks, I hope).

  7. I was thinking maybe it is a portion of ice cap over land, rather than sea, which fits in with what you said about it being “edgy.” The place is called GreenLAND, no? Maybe that factors into the difference as well. As it is, it makes for an interesting photo.

  8. Good for her! I'm sure going to Greenland is an amazing experience.

  9. Katie is a pretty girl! & she is smiling in what I imagine to be freezing temps.
    It looks as if there is a layer of soot over the ice.
    I think I'll have to visit someday as well. It has to be a great adventure for sure.

  10. TG -- well, there you go!
    Ming -- It definitely was for her! But Maine must be the next best thing (at least in winter)!
    Lily -- thanks! I wouldn't mind this experience either.


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