Friday, November 13, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Time to get out and pick six bushels of
beautiful apples, so you can make more
pies than you could ever possibly need
for your Thanksgiving feast, then try to
figure out what to do with the rest of your
harvest. Just kidding. Apple picking is
such a treat on a gorgeous autumn day,
especially for us city dwellers. Go for it—
you can always share the bounty with your
local food bank or soup kitchen. [This photo
is compliments of my daughter Lila. I'm
pretty sure she'll be baking us an awesome
apple pie on Thanksgiving!]
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  1. another great one from Lila! this apple looks so enticing, dare I say, so very tempting, he-he-he.
    BTW, I love apple pie...

  2. Crunchy, juicy apple! Yum. I plan to make pumpkin pie, but apple is so good, too.

    Lovely photo with all those nice colros.

  3. That is a beauty, Alexa! Bake, Lila, bake. :)

  4. What can be better than an apple and a pretty blue sky! This is a happy photo!

  5. Gorgeous photo, I can almost smell apple pie baking, yum!

  6. What a great pic! and so pie, cider and dunking for apples....all fond memories. Thanks for bringing them back.

  7. Yum! Is that a delicious apple?

    I think Lila could have a niche cut out as an apple crate label designer, kind of in the mode of this.

  8. Thanks, all! I'm looking forward to the apple pie, but also to the pumpkin Lila will be making as well.
    TG -- Lila just lost her job due to the $#&^* economy, but has fortunately secured another in no time flat. Otherwise, she'd probably be more than happy (and good at) designing apple crate labels.


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