Monday, November 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

They're fading—and falling—fast, but I found
this beauty hanging on valiantly in my Brooklyn
neighborhood. Maybe that's because this is the
"Tree of Heaven," the ailanthus, the tree that
grows in Brooklyn. How is (or was) the leaf-
peeping where you are?
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  1. My leaf-peeping here is nothing like yours there, Alexa. No wonder it's known as the "Tree of Heaven."

  2. Leaves are mostly gone here in S-E Michigan. Good color is long gone.

    We were in VA last week. Still lots of red and yellow there, but on the far side of max.


  3. beautiful color ... was rather colorful here until it was cut short with a freeze and now snow - *smile*, but did manage to catch a little color in this 'mellow yellow' photo -->

  4. Such a pretty shade of yellow!

    So far the fronds have not changed color on the palm trees although some are sporting white holiday lights on their trunks.


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